As escape rooms continue to grow in popularity, the variety in themes grows as well. While staples such as detectives’ offices (we have one…), psychos’ basements, and laboratories continue to dominate the industry, operators are also finding success with other, less expected themes. A cabin? A pirate ship? A spaceship? These ideas and more like them are proof that, with the right mix of clever puzzles and good production, any idea can make a good escape room.

Then again, maybe that’s not true. Take the example of these people in the Czech Republic who apparently skipped sensitivity training on their way to opening up an Auschwitz-themed escape room. It takes a lot of time and money to develop an escape room, which makes it surprising that at some point along the way someone didn’t speak up and say, “Guys…this might not be a good idea.”

Thankfully, at PuzzleWorks, we have no problem being honest about our bad ideas. To prove that, we’re launching a Facebook series of all our bad escape room ideas that never made it off the drawing board. Follow us to get a glimpse of the grand plans that (thankfully) never made it to production.