An escape room is an interactive game experience where players must solve a collection of puzzles, riddles and games in order to escape the room within a one-hour time limit.


Our rooms are designed for 4-12 participants. Smaller groups have the potential of being paired with other groups that sign up for the same room at the same time. Groups of all sizes can have the room to themselves by making a private booking.

The puzzles are designed with adults in mind, so they might be too difficult for anyone under the age of 10. Anyone above that is welcome to come, although minors must be accompanied by an adult and have a guardian sign their waiver.


Visit our BOOK page for an up-to-date calendar of available times and activities.

All of our escape rooms have a one-hour time limit. Most groups will take close to that, but especially crafty players might escape sooner. Please arrive 15 minutes early to receive a brief orientation.


To guarantee a specific room and time, players must make a reservation on our website. Visit our BOOK page or contact us with questions about multi-room bookings and same-day availability.

If you'd like the room all to yourself, you can make a private booking. With options for groups of all sizes, you can have some privacy without having to pay for all available tickets in the room.

There are no refunds, but you can change a reservation to a different time with 48 hours notice.


We are located in Suite 311 of Vandalia Tower in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Visit our CONTACT page for a map and specific directions.


The quality of our props and production, as well as our unique puzzles set us apart from other escape rooms. Check out our reviews to see what people are saying about us!