The escape room trend has been sweeping the nation. Breaking into the U.S. market in 2014, there were approximately 22 escape rooms by year-end. That number reached a staggering count of 950 escape rooms across the U.S. by mid-2016.

For all the Netflix and Hulu binge watchers out there (which if we are being honest, that is most of us), you are familiar with the sensation of taking part of the story your show is telling. Whether it is “How To Get Away With Murder," “House of Cards," or “Making a Murderer," the storytelling captivates us and invites us to help solve the problem. 

It used to be enough to go the basement, fire up the Playstation or Xbox, and get lost in a first person video game saving the world. However, times have changed. In a world where virtual reality is booming and an app like Pokemon Go grows from zero to over seven million users in just seven days, it is clear that people seek a different, more interactive experience. 

What's more interactive than being locked in a room and having to solve your way out of it? Escape rooms bring people into games in ways that video games and shows have never done before. Throw in a handful of friends, an hour-long countdown, and unique puzzles, and it's truly a different experience altogether.   

We are one of the newest escape rooms to enter the Twin Cities market and are located in St. Paul, Minnesota. PuzzleWorks is in an area that is rich with culture and history. The experience PuzzleWorks offers reaches beyond the rooms themselves. That is saying a lot considering that our room's attention to detail mirror that of a high-level internet security firm, just don’t tell Robert Herjavec. We are kidding of course - but, if you know Robert Herjavec, a shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, please tell him. We will let him, and you, do the room for free and also buy you beer or cookies. 

If you don’t consider yourself someone that is good at solving puzzles, that is okay - a variety of skill sets are needed. The more eclectic the group, the better they tend to do. It's especially fun participating with friends or family members and you may be surprised by seeing each other in a new environment. 

Have you escaped recently? We would love to hear more about it. How much time was left on the clock? If you didn’t quite beat the buzzer, don’t worry, less than 40% of groups escape on their own. If you haven't escaped yet, put it on your calendar - it's an experience you won't forget. Share in the comments below or connect with us on social media @puzzleworksmn